Body Mount Relocation & Cam Tab Installation on 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner

We just finished setting up this 5th Gen 4Runner on 35″ tires with a Body Mount Relocation and then added in Total Chaos Cam Tabs.

If you’re looking to stuff your oversize tires into the wheel well of your 4Runner, a Body Mount Relo will help provide more clearance. We also installed/welded on a set of Total Chaos Cam Tabs to better control this customer’s alignment. If you’re consistently knocking your alignment out of spec, give us a call and see how we can help you out by getting you set up with some stout cam tab gussets from Total Chaos.

Our Body Mount Relocation Kit: 

  • CNC Cut Mount & Plates
  • SB Branded Relocation Mount
  • Energy Suspension Bushings
  • Increased Strength Rosette-Style Welded Backing Plates
  • Guaranteed to fit 35″ Tires on 5th Gen 4Runner

Total Chaos Cam Tabs

  • Increased Strength for Cam Tabs
  • Reinforces weak factory alignment cam tab plates that bend during bottom outs or hard front impacts.
  • CNC laser cut 1/8″ 4130 chromoly replacement cam plates weld-to the frame.
  • 1/4″ thick lower alignment cam tabs will not bend like factory tabs.
  • Welding and grinding are required for installation.
  • Kit includes 8 cam tab gusset plates and 16 lugs. Complete for 1 vehicle’s lower control arms.

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